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Top Video Marketing Trends for 2024

In 2024, videos have become a must-have for businesses of all sizes in their marketing game. Whether you’re a one-person show running a small business or part of a big team creating content for a major company, using videos in your marketing plans is like having a secret weapon.  In the second quarter of 2023, about 92.3% of internet users worldwide watched online video content.

Video marketing trends for 2024 are not just about knowing the latest trends on platforms like TikTok; it’s about understanding what your customers like and being on top of the newest tech stuff. Basically, being ahead in video marketing means keeping your content cool, up-to-date, and worth the time and effort you put into it.

In essence, the focus is on crafting marketing content that aims for engagement. This means making videos that feel personal, like they’re made just for the viewer. It’s about creating a strong bond between the brand and the people watching. 

Moreover, the evolution of video marketing in 2024 is moving towards interactive and shoppable videos. That means viewers don’t just watch; they can join in and even buy things without any hassle. It’s like going from watching to shopping in a smooth way.

Let’s move and see the video marketing trends that will rule 2024.

  1. AI in Video Marketing

In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage in video marketing, acting as a super-smart assistant for creators. AI simplifies video editing, handling tasks like cutting and color adjustments. It allows editors to focus on making videos visually appealing.

AI goes beyond by analyzing what people like and suggesting video ideas that match their interests, creating a more personalized viewing experience. AI also plays a role in creating targeted stories for specific audience groups, ensuring videos are relatable and engaging. Constantly learning and evolving, AI keeps video content interesting and fun. These qualities make it a vital tool for staying ahead in the dynamic world of video marketing.

  1. CTV & OTT Ads

In advertising trends 2024, Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms play a pivotal role in shaping how people watch content. Advertisers and content makers adapt to this change in viewing behavior by utilizing CTV & OTT Ads to create smooth and unobtrusive advertising encounters.

This trend in video marketing revolves around blending storytelling with strategic ad placement on these platforms. It forms a canvas where brands can connect with their intended audience in a more effective and engaging manner.

  1. Cross-Platform Strategies

Cross-platform strategies become a key focus in 2024, breaking down the barriers between different platforms. Video marketers prioritize synchronizing their stories across various channels, aiming for a consistent brand presence.

This approach enhances the reach and effectiveness of content. It highlights the interconnected nature of the digital landscape and staying in tune with the latest advertising trends. The emphasis is on creating a unified and cohesive brand experience for audiences across diverse online platforms.

  1. Short-Form Video

In video marketing trends for 2024, short-form videos take the spotlight in a world of short attention spans. Content creators master the art of telling quick and impactful stories that connect instantly.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels showcase the popularity of bite-sized content, becoming a crucial element in video marketing trends. This trend provides brands with a valuable opportunity to authentically engage audiences in a concise and captivating manner. 57% of Gen Z and 42% of Millennials prefer learning about products through short videos.

  1. Silent Videos

In 2024, silent videos will take center stage in the realm of innovation. Recognizing that many users watch content without sound, video editors are making visually engaging stories that don’t rely on audio. This shift in video storytelling accommodates a diverse audience, marking silent videos as a significant note in the symphony of video marketing trends.

  1. Smartphone Cinematography

In 2024, the trend of smartphone cinematography becomes prominent, further democratizing video creation. With the impressive capabilities of high-quality smartphone cameras, both content creators and marketers use the accessibility and spontaneity of mobile devices to produce authentic and relatable stories. The shift in approach challenges traditional norms, highlighting that compelling visuals can now be born right from the palm of one’s hand. This emphasizes the power and versatility of smartphone filmmaking.

  1. Personalized Video Experiences

As things get more personalized, video marketing is changing to give you videos made just for you. These videos change based on what you like and do, making you feel a special connection. This trend makes the relationship between brands and viewers stronger by using personalized stories, making things more interesting for you.

  1. User-Generated Video

 In the current age of digital content, people actively participate in creating videos that bring an authentic touch to brand stories. Marketers are tapping into the creative potential of their audience by carefully selecting and promoting genuine stories. This collaborative relationship showcases the spirit of working together and is a prominent aspect of the latest trends in advertising. 

Brands are recognizing the value of involving their audience in content creation, fostering a sense of authenticity that traditional advertising methods may not achieve. By making user-generated videos, brands can establish a more meaningful connection with their audience.

  1. Ad Optimization for Voice Search

As we step into 2024 advertising trends, voice search is gaining significant importance in shaping video marketing strategies. This means making changes to our videos so they’re easily found when people use voice commands to search. You need to customize your video content to match the way people naturally speak when asking questions verbally.

With the rise of AI-driven voice assistants, adapting our video marketing efforts to sync with voice search is a strategic move. By doing so, you can ensure that your content remains easily discoverable in an environment where spoken queries have a significant impact on how people consume content.

  1. Live Video & Virtual Events

Get ready for the engaging world of live video and virtual events! Marketers are using live streaming to connect with audiences in real-time. These trends make things feel genuine and authentic. In Q3 2023, people watched 7.5 billion hours of live content on different platforms. Now, streaming makes up 17% of the world’s internet use.

The charm of live video lies in its ability to break down barriers, providing a captivating experience for the audience. Whether it’s the excitement of witnessing a product unveiling as it happens or participating in a virtual conference from the comfort of one’s own space, this trend transforms traditional events into global, inclusive experiences. The result is a sense of community that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing people together in a live experience.


In 2024, videos will be super important for telling stories and connecting with people. They’re getting more real and personalized. Businesses will use videos to talk to you in a way that feels just for you. How do you think these Video Marketing Trends for 2024 will change the way we experience and enjoy things? It’s going to be interesting!

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