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Clear IT

In this case study, we delve into our successful partnership with Clearit, showcasing our proficiency in making customs brokerage simple, efficient, and accessible through the strategic application of technology and industry expertise. Discover how we provided branding and web UI/UX services to Clearit, transforming their brand identity and digital presence.




Clear IT



The Challenge

Clearit, a forward-thinking customs brokerage firm, recognized the need to bridge the gap between traditional customs processes and the expectations of a new generation of importers. Seeking a vibrant transformation, they engaged our services to enhance their branding and revamp their web UI/UX. Our case study highlights how we aligned their digital image with their commitment to modernizing customs brokerage.

The Solution

Our solution for Clearit encompassed a comprehensive rebranding effort and the redesign of their web UI/UX. We incorporated a palette of fresh shades, including green, black, and subtle pastels, which breathed new life into their brand, reflecting freshness and sophistication. Simultaneously, we ensured that their website maintained the highest standards of usability and aesthetics, optimizing the overall user experience and reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

Key Components

  • Cohesive Visual Identity: We ensured that Clearit’s branding elements, such as logos, colors, and typography, were consistent and harmonized to create a unified and memorable brand image.

  • Intuitive Web UI/UX: Clearit’s website was redesigned with user-friendliness in mind, offering an intuitive and efficient platform for importers to navigate customs processes seamlessly.

  • Effective Storytelling: We strategically integrated Clearit’s brand narrative into their website, engaging visitors on an emotional level and making their services more relatable and appealing.

  • Digital Differentiation: Clearit’s website stood out in the online landscape with its unique design elements and a distinct color palette, helping them differentiate from competitors.

  • Practicality and Quality: The website was optimized for functionality, ensuring that users could easily access the information they needed, while also maintaining a visually pleasing and high-quality digital presence.


  • Enhanced Digital Presence: Clearit’s revamped website and branding efforts received positive feedback from users, making customs brokerage processes more accessible and efficient.

  • Improved Brand Recognition: Clearit’s consistent visual identity and engaging storytelling led to improved brand recognition among importers, enhancing their reputation in the industry.

  • Increased User Engagement: The intuitive web UI/UX and the effective storytelling on the website boosted user engagement, as importers connected with Clearit’s brand on a personal level.

  • Expanded Client Base: Clearit attracted a broader audience of importers seeking a modernized customs brokerage experience, expanding their client base.

  • Industry Leadership: Clearit’s innovative approach to customs brokerage and their impressive digital transformation efforts set a new standard in the industry, earning them recognition as a leader in their field.

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