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In this case study, we detail our successful collaboration with client Blum, showcasing our expertise in branding and packaging services. Discover how we transformed their brand identity and packaging design to drive market impact.






Branding & Packing


Blum, a vape company, faced a disconnect between their packaging and product offerings. Seeking a vibrant transformation, they approached us to create appealing packaging and revamp their branding. Our case study highlights how we aligned their image with their flavorsome products, resulting in a cohesive and attractive brand identity.


Our solution for Blum involved a comprehensive brand overhaul, incorporating shades of green, black, and subtle pastels. This harmonious color scheme breathed new life into their image, reflecting freshness and sophistication. Simultaneously, we ensured that their packaging maintained the highest standards of quality, optimizing the overall presentation and reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

Key Components

  • Cohesive Visual Identity: We ensured that Blum’s branding elements, such as logos, colors, and typography, were consistent and harmonized to create a unified and memorable brand image.

  • Effective Storytelling: By weaving their brand story into the packaging, we engaged consumers on an emotional level, making their products more relatable and appealing.

  • Differentiation: Blum’s packaging stood out on the shelf with unique design elements and a distinct color palette, helping them differentiate from competitors.

  • Practicality and Quality: We optimized packaging for functionality and durability, ensuring products arrived in excellent condition while providing a positive unboxing experience.

  • Sustainability: We incorporated eco-friendly materials and practices to align Blum’s branding with responsible and environmentally-conscious values, appealing to a growing market segment concerned about sustainability.


  • Increased Brand Recognition: Blum’s consistent visual identity and storytelling efforts led to improved brand recognition among consumers, making them more memorable in a crowded market.

  • Higher Consumer Engagement: Effective storytelling and differentiation in packaging boosted consumer engagement, as customers connected with Blum’s brand on a personal level.

  • Improved Sales: With eye-catching packaging that stood out on shelves, Blum experienced an increase in sales as more consumers were drawn to their products.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: The focus on practicality, quality, and sustainability in packaging elevated Blum’s brand image, positioning them as a premium and responsible choice in the vape industry.

  • Customer Loyalty: The positive unboxing experience, along with the alignment with sustainability values, fostered customer loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases and word-of-mouth recommendations, further strengthening Blum’s market presence.

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