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Time Save

In our collaboration with 'Time Save,' a groundbreaking TikTok-based app, we leveraged our expertise to drive a digital transformation aimed at enhancing the user interface (UI) and overall user experience (UX). 'Time Save' approached us with specific challenges related to their app's design and functionality. Our partnership was centered around revitalizing their app, ensuring it delivered an engaging and seamless experience for users seeking location-based content.






App UI


  • User Interface (UI) Enhancement: ‘Time Save’ needed a UI redesign to improve the app’s visual appeal and usability. The existing design lacked modernity and cohesion, potentially affecting user engagement.

  • User Experience (UX) Optimization: Ensuring an intuitive and efficient user experience was crucial. Users needed to easily navigate the app, discover relevant content, and contribute their own within specific geographic and topic-based parameters.


We embarked on a journey to address 'Time Save's' challenges by reimagining their app's UI and UX. Our solutions aimed at delivering a modern and user-centric app design that would captivate and engage users effectively.

Key Components

  • Modernized UI Design: We completely revamped the app’s UI, aligning it with contemporary design trends to create a visually appealing and current aesthetic.

  • Enhanced Content Discovery: We improved the app’s content discovery mechanisms, allowing users to set locations and topics of interest to view and upload content within specific geographic and thematic parameters.

  •  User-Friendly Navigation: Our redesign prioritized user-friendliness. We streamlined the app’s navigation, ensuring that users could effortlessly access and explore the features they desired.

  •  Performance Optimization: We boosted the app’s performance, reducing loading times and enhancing overall efficiency for swift and seamless content access.

  • Device Responsiveness: Our design made the app adaptable to various devices, including smartphones and tablets, broadening the user base.

  •  Personalized Experience: ‘Time Save’ now offers a personalized experience, tailoring content based on user preferences and location settings.

Effective Results

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Users now spend more time on the app, signifying heightened interest in discovering location-based content and contributing their own. 

  • Improved User Experience: The revamped UI and streamlined navigation have led to an intuitive and efficient user experience, resulting in higher user satisfaction and retention.

  • Positive User Feedback: ‘Time Save’ has received positive feedback from users, praising the modern design, usability, and the personalized content discovery experience.

  • Increased User Contributions: Users are now actively uploading content within specified geographic and topic-based parameters, enriching the app’s content library.

  • Strengthened Brand Image: The app’s modern and visually appealing design has contributed to an improved brand image for ‘Time Save,’ portraying their commitment to offering an engaging and user-centric experience.

  • Increased User Base: Our comprehensive optimizations, including enhanced UX and performance, have attracted more users to the app, signifying improved visibility and appeal within the target market.

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